The Primitive Working Class

It’s no secret that the elite upper class that run the United Kingdom are completely out of touch with every day working class people. This is obvious due to the constant blunders that we witness on TV, radio, and social media. They are so out of touch that when they try to look ‘in-touch’ they look more out of touch than ever.

Rory Stewart (MP) describing his constituents as “primitive”. Michael Fallon (Defence Secretary) saying that towns on the East coast are “under siege” and “being swamped” by migrants. Lord Mandelson saying unemployed Brits are unwilling to work. Would he work in poor conditions for minimum wage?

I know Alan Duncan (MP) wouldn’t. He famously complained that MPs were treated like “s–t” and had to live off of “rations”. For those of you that don’t know, MPs get a basic pay of 64 grand a year, not including expenses. My heart bleeds.

Similarly, Boris Johnson (Mayor of London), described the £250,000 earning from his newspaper column as “chickenfeed”. Maybe if you’re a supplier for KFC.

Gaffes like this are commonplace, and they’re all very funny until you realise that these people aren’t cartoon characters. They are actually making real decisions about our lives. They are the ones representing us worldwide. Most of them see the working class as a curiosity at best, sub-human at worst.

This is dangerous because 1) they are making decisions about things they don’t understand and 2) they are causing people to turn to despicable political parties such as UKIP (who are also out of touch upper class elitists, only with nastier intent and ideology).

The UK is stuck in a rut. I believe the 18th century parliamentary set-up we have is out-dated. We need a huge political reform that encourages a representative cross-section of society to make decisions at the highest level.


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