Targeting the Vulnerable – Who is the Enemy?

Who is the enemy?

It comes as no surprise that the Conservative Government are targeting the overweight and people with drug problems as the enemy this week. If you didn’t know, the government has proposed that the overweight and people with drug problems who are on sickness pay should have their benefits cut.

The logic behind this is shaky. Actually, calling it “logic” is a bit of a stretch. The fact is, the government really doesn’t want to pay any type of benefits to anyone. They resent having to give one single penny to anyone who isn’t in their circle of Chosen Ones. So, as a starting point, they have randomly chosen a vulnerable group of people to pick on, and they want to make life even harder than it already is for them.

Wait a minute, this is familiar. I remember seeing another group of people taking money from an overweight person, only this was in a school playground, and they also gave him a wedgie!

The overweight and drug addicts are vulnerable people. They often have mental health issues. The next step for the Tory government could well be to cut benefits to all people with mental health issues, forcing the bi-polar and manic depressive into work (or onto the streets) when they are at their most vulnerable, putting them and the people around them in danger. But who cares? It’s only the lower class factory-working scum.

Let’s not forget why people get hooked onto drugs or become overweight. The poor have numerous stresses and hardships that the wealthy, such as George Osborne and David Cameron, are completely unaware of. The biggest problem in life some people face is whether to buy the Rolls or the Lexus. Others have to worry about staying alive and housing themselves. These stresses force people to turn to escape-ism in order to forget how horrible their lives are. This means recreational drug use, which is fine if you have the personality type to control it. Some aren’t so lucky, and through mistakes, moments of weakness, or mental illness, they may find themselves hooked on harder, more life-degrading drugs.

And the overweight? When you have to work full-time for minimum wage and you come home feeling like crap it’s hard to motivate yourself to do exercise. If you have family to look after that makes it even harder. Unlike the Tory cabinet, these people don’t have gyms, personal trainers and nutritionists either. The poor will often buy the cheapest and most convenient foods and drinks, which is often unhealthy.

Vulnerable people can easily fall into unhealthy lifestyles. The government’s plan? Attack them!

It’s an easy option, because they know that they will get public support. David Cameron says: “It is not fair to ask hardworking taxpayers to fund the benefits of people who refuse to accept the support and treatment that could help them get back to a life of work.” It’s a rallying cry to turn people against the most vulnerable in our society when really we should be turning our attention to the real enemy: TAX AVOIDERS.

Wealthy tax avoiders in business and industry cheat us out of billions. The Conservatives turn a blind eye. Why? Because these same people fund the Conservative Party, and will fund the Tory election campaign later on this year. The Tories aren’t going to bite the hands that feed them. They will allow these educated criminals to go about their business.

David Cameron, our Prime Minister, our moral compass…

The Conservatives want to divide and conquer. Don’t be fooled. Don’t let them turn us against each other. The working class isn’t the problem. You need to look to the very top to find our real enemies.

6 thoughts on “Targeting the Vulnerable – Who is the Enemy?

  1. Many or most British people who are addicted to drugs are victims of three decades of Neo-Liberal policies which have done terrible things to the families at the “bottom” of British society. Many drug adicts in Britain are trying to escape the bleakness of their lives and of their living environments.

    Many or most British people who are too fat are so because they are poor. If you haven’t got a lot of money getting into the habit of eating highly addictive fattening foods is very easy – these foods (which are high in fat and sugar) tend to be a very cheap way to eat. Quite simply healthy eating is often much more expensive than unhealthy eating.

    Many other British people are too fat because they have health conditions that make the type of active lifestyle needed to stop an accumulation of fat within the body a very difficult prospect. Indeed there are many people who are too fat who don’t eat anymore than the next person, but they get tired easily or have other movement or mobility issues etc.

    This is just another case of the very wealthy “haves” who dominate the Conservative party attacking the deprived “have not’s” and scapegoating them. The Conservative party has been playing this deceptive game as long as it has existed.

    Rather than harassing the downtrodden fatties (and I count myself amongst them) why doesn’t he punitively tax the many highly addictive unhealthy food products which are produced and sold by his chums in the capitalist corporations?

    Likewise rather than attacking the drug addicts, who are essentially downtrodden and totally degraded people who are suffering from a very real disease of the mind, why doesn’t he use the full force of the state to eradicate the drug smuggling, distribution and dealing gangs?

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  2. I confess I (quietly) had disdain for fat folk – then I became hypo-thyroid. Talk about a seismic shift in attitude. I feel sorry for my lifelong attitude especially as a kid when fatties and speccy four eyes were having a really tough time from other kids. Our govt is either schizophrenic or hypocritical. On the one hand we are force fed political correctness with our daily gruel – we mustn’t discriminate against anyone the govt dreams up as possibly experiencing discrimination – yet the govt is saying it is OK to trash the unemployed (unemployment caused by the govt), the young, the old, the sick, the disabled. In fact it seems all Brits not belonging to the ruling class are all gutter scum who have to be forced out to work with whips but no food. I thought we defeated the Nazis?

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    1. “Our govt is either schizophrenic or hypocritical.”

      Perhaps, your govt is not schizophrenic, but hypocritical;
      A lying fortress like our -german- govt.
      The new Nazi worldwide is the CIAntology/WISE/ABLE/OSA/CCHR spy.
      “Scientology” is a new (“Fourth Reich”) Fascism according to KELTSCH(1), infiltrating the whole society, state, economy….
      And today “Scientology” is perhaps simply a front org. of the CIA, now called “US-Gestapo” or PrivateStasi .
      This is not only our point of view:
      Look at Clearwater:


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