Political Centre

I was browsing the BBC News Website and found this:


There is a survey on this article that asks you 5 questions, and it tells you how close you are to the “political centre” at this moment in time and previous years. Give it a go and see where you stand.

The outcome of my survey came as no real surprise:

Your answers place you on the left of the political centre in comparison with the overall population in 2014.

You scored 5 out of 25

A score of 5 is the furthest left and 25 is the furthest right. Your answers would place you a long way from the political centre in any year but you would have been closest to the centre of political opinion in 1995 and 1996.

So my views won’t win me any elections. But at least I am true to my beliefs. Meanwhile the current politicians we see on the news every day are scrambling for that “middle ground” where all the votes are. At what point does a person’s vision get distorted so much that it’s not even worth the effort any more?

More of that to look forward to during the next 40-odd days leading up to the election.

8 thoughts on “Political Centre

  1. This is exactly what it said to me. I wonder what the benefit in this test is? I wonder what the motivation is of the people making it was? It seems to have the implication that the center is correct, but the center is of course only the point between left and right, it doesn’t even mean that the center represents the average or the mean.

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  2. Perhaps if Parties followed a more ideologically based set of beliefs instead of chasing the centre-ground, we could see a more energetic and diverse political landscape. Our political system First Past the Post fosters centre-ground politics as radical alternative voters become voiceless in safe Labour and Tory constituencies.

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  3. Really interesting article. Reservations about the quiz though. (Scored 8). Anyone who didn’t think management weren’t exploiting workers, or the elite are getting an unfair share would have to be thick or a banker. It makes sense that the population is more to the left than the govt. They seem to represent the monied elite and no-one else.


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