The Inconvenient Truth of a New Political Landscape

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As if there was anyone left that hadn’t already realised, it’s general election time again. A happy time, where politicians take time off from their busy schedules of the day-to-day running of the country, and attending or avoiding parliamentary debate based on how much camera time they can get, in favour of hitting the campaign trail and pressing the flesh, based on how much camera time they can get.. Is this a cynical view? Maybe. But it is one that is rapidly growing amongst the electorate of this nation, and one that is lining this election up as one of the most exciting and poignant in recent history.

The unprecedented rise of the “other” parties in all polls, and the movement away from the established two-party system, is down to the disillusionment with the main parties and their ability to accurately represent the people. Is this really such a surprise?…

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