Great Tory housing shame: Third of ex-council homes now owned by rich landlords


Ian Gow.pngIan Gow

“London’s Wandsworth Borough Council has sold off 24,000 properties under right-to-buy since 1978.  For 15,874 the lease was sold, as they were in blocks of flats where the council kept the freehold.  The council told us 6,180, or 39%, of the owners who bought those leases gave a different address for correspondence.

And it also revealed 95 landlords have five or more of these properties.  The largest leasehold landlord owns the leases on 93 of its freehold properties, with the second largest having 32.”

“Research by the GMB suggests the owner of the 93 could be Charles Gow.”

“Ian Gow was Mrs Thatcher’s parliamentary private secretary between 1979 and 1983.”   Hmmm

Thanks to Guardian Comments Section for the above link.  Guardian article originally posted by NLAT

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