Where to look for the ‘politics of hope’?

It seems like the government wants to take away our hope. That’s because people with no hope don’t fight back. Check out this article.


Written by Alex Jackson; @TheReal_McCoy69

Waking up to the confirmation of a Tory majority on the morning of the 8th of May, hope was quite possibly the least suitable emotion to describe my state of mind. Where was the hope from this election outcome? Silver linings such as they were; Caroline Lucas smashing the competition in Brighton Pavilion, Labour MP Clive Efford increasing his majority over the Conservatives in my own constituency, and the satisfying defeat of Nigel Farage in Thanet South were hardly compensatory for the overall shock of the crushing defeat. Owen Jones’ calls in the days following the election to stop mourning and organise in continuing the fight for the ‘politics of hope’ has left me at somewhat of a crossroads.

Having originally planned to vote for the Green Party I eventually switched to Labour due to a mixture of the reasoned arguments of friends, yet another…

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