10 Glastonbury questions newbies want the answer to

If you’re going to Glastonbury check out this blog. Very useful for beginners (and even veterans). I’ll see you there!!!!

Plan, Pack, Travel

This time in 28 days where will you be? If you are like me, you will be at the greatest festival on earth, Glastonbury.

Here’s 10 questions Glastonbury newcomers often want answered:

1/ When should I arrive?

The car parks for Glastonbury open at 9pm on the Tuesday night so you can arrive anytime from then onwards. Be warned – if you arrive on the Tuesday, you will be sleeping (or partying!) in the car park until the following morning when the gates open.

If you are planning on arriving later than Wednesday afternoon, bear in mind that the popular campsites do fill up quickly. Pennards in particular, seems to be a very popular camping spot due to its reputation of being the ‘party field’. Other fields are just as fun so don’t blindly head there, especially if you are arriving a wee bit later.

2/ What’s it like camping…

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