Let’s get rid of the Royal Family!

The monarchy undermines the concept of equality in the UK.

How can our society even pretend to strive for any sort of equality when we have such a visual hereditary institution hanging over us?

The Royal Family is a thing that we are all brought up with from birth. Everyone aged 3 upwards knows who the Queen is. We are raised with the idea that it is OK for this family to be born into wealth, luxury, and power. We are raised with the fact lodged in our minds that we will never be a member of the Royal Family because we’re not good enough – our bloodline isn’t up to scratch – we didn’t quite make the grade. We are raised to bow to members of the Royal Family and address them in a certain way, lest we forget our place in this world.

When we were children the Royal Family was shoved into our faces. At school we learnt about their lineage and what the different Kings and Queens did in history. From a young age we were told almost everything about the monarchy. The only thing they left out was the debate as to whether or not the monarchy should exist in modern day society at all.

This exposure to the Royal Family was the narrow end of the wedge. Once we have established in our minds that it’s OK for some to be born into power and privilege then it’s easier for the masses to accept all the other people who are born into power and privilege. I believe that’s the only reason we still have a monarchy in this day and age: it is being propped up by a network of people who think that they are superior because of some sort of birth-right.

The Royal Family contradicts democracy. It devalues the concept of intellect and achievement. It’s also expensive. Let’s get rid of it!

“The Queen is dead, boys, and it’s so lonely on a limb.”

-The Smiths